6,500 Km Cycle; Day 14, St Yrieix

Day 14 Thursday 14 June 1984.

Rest Day 0 km Total 781km St Yrieix

Long slow awakening. The tent is in the shade of a tree. I wash the sheet sleeping bags and shorts. Breakfast in the Bar des Arts, with red plastic chairs.

Buy maps, and look in an atlas to get an overview of the journey. Its another scorching day. After lunch take karrimats to the beach of imported sand by the lake and sunbathe. Stonechats sing, perched on the highest places they can find, singing like two stones rubbed together in the hand.

An inviting lakeside bar tempts in the evening, with similarly inviting prices. Relax, feeling glad that it will only get cooler. Watch the lake and a stone bath with water pouring into it. Early to bed, while others are still running, talking and bird wings can be heard fluttering close by.

1984_06_13 St Yrieieux 1984_06_13 St Y

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