Cycle the Pyrenees; Stage 13

Saturday 10 September Stage 13
Ceret to Collioure

We found a breakfast in a humid town surrounded by grapes and grass fire smoke hanging heavy in the air. Firstly we rode on small steamy roads between the vines, and later on larger roads to Argeles sur Mer and from there to Collioure. To be honest I don’t remember so much of this ride, maybe because the main mountains were over and it was exciting to be moving towards our final destination. The destination, Collioure was memorable, however, for being a very pleasant coastal resort town, but without the high rise paraphernalia that I was expecting. Much of the original architecture and country was still visible. Suddenly everything had become expensive, and the campsites were no exception.

The one we chose was a couple of miles form Collioure, but right down beside the sea, with access right onto a private beach, where we all went for a celebratory swim (even if we couldn’t swim) and a sunbathe, just for a few minutes until we got bored.

The path that led us along the cliffs back to town was   great in the sunlight, not so great in pitch darkness when the rest of the gang ran ahead and hid in a hollow to jump out screaming.


Our trusty bikes at the East Coast; Jane and Richard’s


Mine and Jims Bikes


Chris and Johns Bikes


The Beach belonging to the Campsite


View from the cliff path


The optional path to Collioure


Coastline near Collioure showing wartime fortifications


Beach at Collioure


Streets of the Old town of Collioure


Collioure old town


The Gang


2 thoughts on “Cycle the Pyrenees; Stage 13

  1. Looks like you had a blast! And took Gery Halliwell with you….? ^_^
    Think we’re gonna get on, we seem to have lots of loves in common: France. Scotland. Camping. Happy Days.
    Am now an official follower and as such looking forward to sharing glimpses into your exciting life! Yay!
    All the best from North Wales
    Babs B


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